Dansschool Het Danskwartier Den Haag. Kleuterdans, Streetjazz, Modernjazz, Moderne dans of klassiek ballet breakdance dansles

Read below the schedule our corona guidelines


Below the schedule for season 2020-2021
Start from september 7th 2020


IMPORTANT! Read our corona guidelines and come prepared to class. https://www.danskwartierdenhaag.nl/coronaprotocol/


Subject to changes

The lessons take place with sufficient registrations.

View the clothing regulations here


New students are welcome throughout the whole year


Schedule 2020-2021

Monday 16.30-17.30 uur

Classical ballet 8-10years



  17.30-18.30 uur Classical ballet 9-11 years Tanja
Tuesday 16.15-17.15 uur Streetjazz 6-9 years Janine
  17.15-18.15 uur Classical ballet 7-8 years Janine
  18.15-19.15 uur Classical ballet 11-15 years Janine
  19.15-19.30 uur Pointshoe class Janine
  19.30-20.30 uur Modernjazz 10-15 years Janine
  20.30-21.45 uur Modern adults intermediate Janine
Wednesday 10.30-11.15 uur Parent toddler dance short course  
  12.45-13.30 uur Kindergarten dance 3/4 years Janine
  13.30-14.15 uur Kindergarten dance 4/5 years Janine
  14.15-15.00 uur Toddler dance 5-6 years Janine
  15.00-16.00 uur Classical ballet 6-7 years Janine
  16.00-17.00 uur Modern kids from 8-12 years Janine
Thursday 15.30-16.15 uur Kindergarten dance 4/5 years Janine
  16.15-17.15 uur Classical ballet 8-10 years Janine
  17.15-18.15 uur Streetjazz 10-12 years Janine
  18.15-19.15 uur Selectie training (invitation only)** Janine
  19.15-20.15 uur Streetjazz 13+ Janine
 Friday 15.30-16.30 Breakdance 6-9 jaar  
  16.30-17.30 Breakdance 9-17 jaar  
  17.45-18.45 Classical ballet 'plusklas'**  Lisa
  18.45-19.00 Pointwork (invitation only)  Lisa
  19.00-20.00 Classical ballet beginners adults  Lisa
  20.00-21.00 Modern jazz adults  Lisa
Saturday  9.30-10.30 Hiphop 10+    Linda
  10.30-11.30 Modern jazz 10-15 years   Linda
  11.30-12.15 Kindergarten dance 4-6 years   Kyra
  12.15-13.15 Classical ballet 6-8 years   Kyra
  13.15-14.00 Kindergarten dance 4-6 years   Kyra
  14.00-14.45 Kindergarten dance 4-6 years (from januari 2021) Kyra
  15.00-15.45 Ouder peuterdans short course
(from januari)


**Class on invitation, only as a second class a week

We are ready:
-The studio is well ventilated
-We have an air purifier, which ensures super clean air in the dance studio. All fine dust, pollen, bacteria, fungi, viruses, dander, dust mites and sweat air are removed with this.
-We have paper towels for drying hands after washing hands

-The lessons are 10 minutes shorter so that we can clean and air in between.
-Dancers do not have to keep a distance of 1.5 meters. However, we avoid all contact. The studio and the barre are provided with lines to indicate the 1.5 meters.
-We will clean a lot. Most lessons are 5-10 minutes shorter to be able to air and clean in between.
-The music will be softer if the studio door is open due to noise disturbance for neighbors above.


  In addition to this schedule, Tanja Reen also teaches adults on MONDAY 18.45-20.00 hours Classical Ballet (intermediate) and 20.00-21.15 hours modern jazz (beginners). On wednesday there are classical beginners and from 20:00 to 21:15 modern jazz (intermediate) more information: tanja.reen@telfort.nl

  • There are no classes during the holidays