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I am proud to present the schedule for the 2019-2020 season!

This timetable will start on 8 September 2019


Subject to changes

The lessons take place with sufficient registrations.

View the clothing regulations here


New students are welcome throughout the whole year


Schedule 2019-2020



Monday 16.30-17.30 uur

Classical ballet 8-9 years



  17.30-18.30 uur Classical ballet 9-10 years Tanja
Tuesday 16.15-17.15 uur Streetjazz 6-9 years Janine
  17.15-18.15 uur Classical ballet 6-7 years Janine
  18.15-19.15 uur Classical ballet 11-15 years Janine
  19.15-19.30 uur Pointshoes Janine
  19.30-20.30 uur Modernjazz 10-15 years Janine
  20.30-21.45 uur Modern adults intermediate Janine
Wednesday 10.30-11.15 uur Parent toddler dance short course  
  12.30-13.15 uur Toddler dance 3 years Janine
  13.15-14.00 uur Kindergarten dance 4 years Janine
  14.00-14.45 uur Toddler dance 5 years Janine
  15.00-16.00 uur Classical ballet 6-8 years Janine
  16.00-17.00 uur Modern kids from 7 years Janine
Thursday 15.30-16.15 uur Kindergarten dance 4/5 years Janine
  16.15-17.15 uur Classical ballet 8-10 years Janine
  17.15-18.15 uur Streetjazz 10-12 years Janine
  18.15-19.15 uur Selectie training (invitation only) Janine
  19.15-20.15 uur Streetjazz 13+ Janine
Friday 9.30-10.15 uur Parent toddler dance course 6 classes Janine
  16.30-17.30 Breakdance Christian
  17.45-18.45 Classical ballet 'plusklas'  Lisa
  18.45-19.00 Pointwork (invitation only)  Lisa
  19.00-20.00 Classical ballet beginners adults  Lisa
  20.00-21.00 Modern jazz adults  Lisa
Saturday  9.30-10.30 Hiphop 10+    Linda
  10.30-11.30 Modern jazz 10-15 years   Linda
  11.30-12.15 Kindergarten dance 4-5 years *NEW  
  12.15-13.15 Classical ballet 6-8 years   
  13.15-14.00 Kindergarten dance 4-5 years (from january)  


*New classes will start with sufficient registrations




  •  In addition to this schedule, Tanja Reen also teaches adults on MONDAY 18.45-20.00 hours Classical Ballet (intermediate) and 20.00-21.15 hours modern jazz (beginners). On wednesday there are classical beginners and from 20:00 to 21:15 modern jazz (intermediate) more information: tanja.reen@telfort.nl
  • There are no classes during the holidays