Dance outside

From May 11 we will offer outdoor dance!

Location: Schoolyard AMG Schmidtschool on the Jacob de Graefflaan.

View the timetable in your mail coming week


When the weather does not allow outdoor classes, classes will take place online.



 -Your child is only welcome when an activity is planned for your child. See mail for the outdoor dance schedule.

 -Inform your child about the general safety and hygiene rules

-Always follow the instructions of the organization

-Cold / fever? Not welcome



-Come as much as possible on foot or by bicycle

- Still with the car? Park it further down the street

-DO NOT come earlier than 10 minutes before a lesson

-Parents are NOT allowed to enter the schoolyard

-Allow your child to go to the location as much as possible on his own if possible.

-Keep 1.5 meters away when picking up / bringing children.

-Depart immediately, don't watch



-SIGN UP in time for the lesson! (max. number of children)

- When your child is not able to come, let us know by time so that we can make other children happy.

-Home DRESSING easy-fitting clothing adapted to the weather (possibly cardigan)


-Bring your own water bottle and rub with sunscreen

-]GO TO THE TOILET at home (toilet visit not possible on the schoolyard)



-Children up to 12 years old do not have to keep 1.5 meters from each other. It is from the teacher.

-Pupils aged 13-18 must keep a distance of 1.5 meters.

-BRENGERS / HALERS should NOT keep watching

-In between classes there is 15 minutes to allow the changing of the groups without group crossing.



-Pupils immediately leave the schoolyard one by one

-Parents wait 1.5 meters away to pick up their child.


Corona outside grid

The lessons are adapted so that you can dance safely on the hard outside ground

Lessons will be shorter due to the availability of the schoolyard and to change groups in a corona-proof way.

The lessons take place in good weather. If the weather is not good, the lesson is canceled by email. Add to your contact persons so that the mail does not end up in the spam.

The classes are currently only open to members. We hope that we can return to the dance hall soon, then we will also make it possible to do trial lessons again.




No access without registration. Consent from the municipality is based, among other things, on a maximum number of students per lesson. We need to know who's coming. Timely cancellation is very nice because we can make other children happy

Corona supervisor

 Lessons can only continue with the availability of a CORONA VOLUNTEER. The Municipality of The Hague obliges us to have a volunteer corona standing by the fence and ensuring that everyone adheres to the measures. Who would like to stand in a yellow vest by the fence of the schoolyard during the lesson of his / her child and ensure that everyone keeps 1.5 meters away and does not enter the schoolyard and help with the changes of groups?


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